NrvrCommander makes CentOS and Ubuntu VMs

This is an announcement of new features of the free and open source NrvrCommander multi-OS virtual machine making scripting and automation software, which is at version 1.7.1.  What is new:

  • Support for making VMs that run Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
  • Better support for making VMs that run CentOS 6.6,
    in addition to earlier support of making VMs that run Scientific Linux.
  • Set number of processor cores.
  • Disable USB autoconnect.
  • Optionally install Node.js in VMs.
  • Update several components.

The original announcement of NrvrCommander still has relevant information.

Makes CentOS 6.x, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, also 12.04, Windows 7, Scientific Linux 6.x.
Known to run on Mac OS X, CentOS 6.x, RHEL 6.x, Ubuntu.
Enterprise Linux use so far mostly with CentOS 6.x and Scientific Linux 6.x, but Red Hat should work.

In use with VMware Workstation 9 and 10 and VMware Fusion 5 and 6, but also has been coded for and observed with VMware Player as well. The VMs it makes should run in any contemporary VMware.

What it is

NrvrCommander makes virtual machines from scripts, and it controls them for automation.

NrvrCommander does some things other automation software didn’t. For example:

In NrvrCommander’s example scripts the starting points are original OS distribution .iso files, from there on scripting, not requiring acceptance of pre-made VM snapshots.
Your appreciation may depend on whom you trust and how many variations you need.
Transparent and flexible, scripts only take an impressive 10-5 of the storage space of snapshots.
Not a limitation – you could start from snapshots. One example script cleverly uses snapshots.

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