A bucket for cutting trails

bucket for cutting trails
Custom Bucket For Cutting Trails

When working like 996, which we measured in past years, on the seventh day I dabbled in ag.

As a counterbalance to computer topics, here is a picture of an adjustable loader bucket I designed on the spot a few years ago.

Had driven with a toddler a couple of hours to pick up a used dirt bucket. On inspection I recognized it had been advertised incorrectly and wouldn’t match our loader. Not to disappoint the kid or myself, instead I got a used backhoe bucket.

At our dealer we ordered a couple of brackets for making custom attachments for our loader.

Met up with the late Ron Tibbetts to weld together what you see in this picture.

Original plan with the dirt bucket was reshaping it one-sided so I’d be faster cutting trails into hillsides.

This design turned out even better: Welded to a smaller plate by itself, attached to the larger plate by bolts, the backhoe bucket can be mounted either toward the right side or toward the left side of the loader. The larger plate is strengthened at the bottom with a rectangular tube. Works great as intended, when going into hillsides sideways. Even better: At the edge there is more pressure, because the same force is pushing on a smaller area.

Later I drilled four more holes to optionally mount the backhoe bucket in the middle, pointing the other direction, for makeshift trenching.

About 110 centimeter (44 inches) wide, a reasonable weight estimate is 100 kilograms (200 pounds).

We are still using this bucket from time to time. I could get things done without it, but using it makes some tasks easier.

This is different than software, making toys from plastic, or simple electronics.

Now I can use this as an example of “make a tool if you need one”.

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