Account taken over – what identity?

Apparently someone has taken over my eBay account, has changed its eBay username and email address, and I don’t know what they are doing with it.

A call to eBay yielded no clues other than presumably they did not close it.

I am not aware of having gotten email from eBay notifying me of changes.  How did that happen?

The last email from eBay I have arrived May 2016.  I noticed loss of access around October 2016.

I have since forgotten details.  I remember performing a number of tests, with my eBay username and with my email address, trying to log in, trying to recover.

No financial loss has been identified yet.

My surprising lack of concern reflects I haven’t been buying high tech parts and wooden and mechanical toys as I used to.  Does such change indicate other things have become more important in life?  Leaving that unanswered, lest you get to know me better than I know myself.

There is one lasting lesson from these circumstances:  Someone using what appears to be my identity doesn’t necessarily mean it is me.


One cannot be 100% sure an ID is used by the real person it should be.

I weighed benefits of sharing this point of view against risks:  The moment one creates awareness of such possibility one may see this pattern used in attempts to deny responsibility.

Further disturbing possibilities of the human mind:  If one distrusts all tokens and technology and thinks the best form of identity is a person’s physical body present, then how about different personalities in one body?

Not to worry:  Different than this post about deception, I prefer simple and honest, in interactions and in products we make.

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