MicNotePad revision history

A snapshot of MicNotePad‘s revision history:

4.3.2: - increased compatibility
4.3.1: - fixes erroneous messages in 4.3 that occurred on some brand new
         fast Macs, specifically it now really works on desktop and tower
         Power Mac G3, and certain 8600 and 9600 (300MHz and above?)
4.3:   - compatibility with Power Mac G3
       - new key combination
4.2:   - optional "MicNotePad Control Strip Module" allows to start and
         stop recording while you work in other application programs;
         it can be installed from MicNotePad's full Special Settings menu,
         although it requires " MicNotePad Init" to be installed already;
       - clearer messages in some dialogs (only on some brand new hardware)
       - Large Panel / Small Panel automatically Full Menus / Short Menus
4.1.4: - noticeably improved quality of recordings at some of the more
         popular settings
4.1.3: - some new sampling rates on some popular Mac models
4.1.2: - MicNotePad's help (Cmd-? page 77) explains how to access the
         hidden feature voice activated recording
4.1.1: - improved quality of recording on some specific, unusual hardware
4.1:   - improved functionality of voice activated recording
       - new key combinations
       - supports more Macs with 3rd party accellerators and clocks
       - spawned another new high end MicNotePad Rad version for special uses
4.0.8: - supports 20th Anniversary Mac, Power Mac 6500
4.0.7: - supports PowerBook 2400 (sorry, Apple changed specs)
4.0.6: - single key access to CS Recorder documents
4.0.5: - further improved compatibility with external microphones
       - fixes 68k only bug of 4.0.3, which crashed on many 68k Macs
4.0.3: - improved AppleScript support
       - playback on 68k of more compact format recorded on PowerPC
4.0.1: - several enhancements of existing features
4.0:   - playback possible while still recording
3.9.9: - optional two times more compact format (PowerPC only)
       - ability to export for input into RealAudio Encoder (Expand a Copy)
       - playback of more .wav files
3.9.8: - fixes scripting bug
3.9.7: - improved quality of many recordings
       - Pro version only: support Nirvana Research's foot pedals
3.9.5: - improved AppleScript support includes access to markers
       - ability to export to Windows .wav files (choose Compress a Copy)
       - improved compatibility with some hardware
3.9:   - spawned separate new high end Pro version for specialized uses
         and separate new Plus version for commercial viability
       - optional naming and dating of dictation
3.8.8: - optional stereo
3.8:   - improved compatibility
3.7.9: - fixes type 1 error which occurred when opening on some configurations
3.7.7: - minor interface improvements
3.7.5: - improved playback on some hardware
       - optional switch for keys
3.7.4: - fixes display bug
3.7.3: - improved dragging from documents list
3.7.2: - fixes user guide glitch
3.7:   - more powerful Lite version for free distribution
3.6.3: - documents list
3.5.5: - increased compatibility
3.5.3: - fixes minor interface glitches
3.5:   - optional input boost with some hardware
3.4:   - new look of the panel buttons
3.3:   - improved quality of recordings on the current PowerBook models
       - playback of most System 7 sound files
3.2.2: - fixes performance problems
3.2.1: - fixes bug of 3.2, which looked and behaved funny in some situations
3.2:   - improved dynamic range of recordings on most of the recent Mac models
3.1.2: - playback of many .wav files
3.1:   - improved audio browsing
3.0:   - original speech pitch maintained during slow and fast playback
       - improved AppleScript support
2.9.1: - fixes bug of 2.9, which did not play back on every other Mac model
2.9:   - AppleScript scriptable
       - fixed a file format problem that was around from 1.0 to 2.5
       - improved ability to convert some formats
       - improved reliability
       - improved compatibility with some system software configurations
2.5:   - playback of most .au files
2.4:   - markers are compatible with AppleSearch and On Location
       - improved markers human interface
2.3:   - improved look of the on-screen user guide
2.2:   - increased compatibility with Power Macintosh
2.1:   - slow and fast playback, adjustable rate
       - compress existing audio files to a more compact format
2.0:   - you can add markers at time locations within a recording
1.1.7: - improved compatibility w PowerBook 500 series, Power Mac
       - simplified menus and panel
1.1.5: - works fine with Connectix PowerBook Utilities 2.0
1.1b4: - new key combinations
1.1b3: - major step from earlier versions

Taken early 1998.

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