People understanding machines

There is so much work going on about machines watching people, identifying people, keeping track of people, interpreting people’s actions, communications, thoughts, or moods, I cannot provide links to it all.  Key concepts are big data, machine learning, sensors, cameras, networks.  Furthermore, we witness impressive demonstrations of artificial neural networks, deep learning, some with robotics.

Alas, only a fraction of the population really knows how it works.  A larger fraction may think they know how it works, due to knowledge illusion.

Not to warn about the future, more positively, we report:

Our stealth startup is working on enabling people to understand machines: How systems work, what they are doing.  We specialize in enabling people to understand complex systems.  The devil is in the details.  There is not a simple one answer to how it all works.

As a business we serve enterprises.

More broadly than about machines, however, we want to enable people to understand the world they live in, natural and man-made systems.  We hope to enable better decisions on important matters by having more people truly understand more context and how things work and interact.

More people truly understanding important systems should effect a more resilient society.

Business and projects, however, usually benefit from focus.

If you need to know more, please contact us.

We have been warned:  Experts with domain specific knowledge may feel threatened in their monopoly.  Subconscious or conscious fear may exacerbate already common denial or rejection of a new idea.

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