Problems that officially do not exist

concept not understood
Concept not Understood — with an Engineering Degree

When people who have made defective product then look bewildered when pointed at what is wrong, I have come to recognize:

 Often relevant concepts of technology are not really understood by otherwise smart people.

This makes sense in three ways at least:

 The number and diversity of parts and technologies is huge, in hardware and software.
Whether such diversity will continue is another topic, as for many aspects of technology and science, the number of individuals or groups who know how to reproduce it is quite small.

 There is knowledge illusion. Knowing a name for something, where it is, or its price, does not equal knowing how to make it, how it works, or how to use it.

 Many areas of technology, if I or you would want to better understand them, we would have to study more too.

 I often have witnessed people in meetings talking past each other. Individual conversations then made it clear: Their points of view were different, in part because of different paths of experience that have brought them into the room that day – paths over years, their lifetimes.

Enabling others to work has been a recurring passion in my professional work. More than once we created new media technology, in order to enable. By starting Apple DocViewer we enabled putting searchable facsimiles of printed books onto the screen of hundreds of thousands of users in the early 1990s. By creating MicNotePad yours truly made the audio of speech navigable and elastic, and made it easily accessible from within word processing software. The most fundamental contribution though, I hope…

 Enabling more people to understand systems and helping teams to better know everything that matters has been my longest running effort.

I am motivated by not wanting to continue experiencing the antagonism of some people not seeing what is obvious to others.

To enable others can be a rebellious act: In an organization where the official line is “there is no problem”, to try fixing a problem that officially does not exist is easily seen as … a waste of resources.

Our stealth startup draws on the experience of years of research and development in this problem space.

 To find out about how we can help your organization, contact us.

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