Expert bias

When asked, an expert is prone to saying a new way to enable more people to faster and better understand the expert’s subject field is not needed.

One colleague’s first reaction to our innovations was:

Experts won’t like it.  You are undermining their income.

In experts’ defense, there could be more subtle reasons other than income, why an expert brushes off an effort to ease comprehension:

  • An expert already understands, therefore an expert for himself generally does not need tools that improve understanding.
  • An expert has spent time and effort on learning, studying, getting to know a subject field.  Subconsciously or consciously experts may feel others should invest a similar effort to become equally competent.

Experts would be tempted to discredit something that could reduce the value of education, degree, and years of experience.

In contrast, appreciation of tools to enable comprehension and to accelerate comprehension can be found from an executive and operations point of view:

  • If expert salaries weigh on the payroll,
  • if finding qualified employees is a recurring challenge,
  • if the market for experts is competitive,
  • if operations need more coverage,

then leadership should be interested in ways and tools to enable more people to faster understand a subject field or fields that matter to an organization.

Our stealth startup draws on years of research and development for enabling comprehension of systems.

Our current concentration is in cybersecurity and IT, with more than a decade of focused relevant experience.

Despite concentration, reaching across disciplines enriches our work, and gives us a sense of greater meaning and impact.

There is another justification for our work:  No one is an expert in all disciplines.  Our work is about understanding many, if not all, disciplines.

✉ To find out how we can help your organization, contact us.

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