Shape, senses, and function

I recently found out in 1885 my great-grandpa got a patent issued, for something seemingly simple.

More exciting, I recognized I held a functioning unit in my hands in the 1980s.

By 2019 I still remember the twisting action to adjust it, and the feeling of it snapping into place, the color of the metal, minimal corrosion.

If you were trying to understand my work in high-tech, and felt I must be from a different world, this may help understand my ways:

Useful innovation done well enough to last more than a hundred years.

Thinking in shape, senses, and function, not so much words.

A family tradition, passed on when younger, before schools add their also valuable contributions to a person’s mind.

Disclaimer:  I  have not seen the content of that patent, only its title, his name, the year, and it matches the object I held and comments I heard.  I do not know how much innovation there was relative to prior art.

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